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I have two distinct packages for Couples

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Come Together

My signature ‘Come Together’ coaching package is designed to bring next level intimacy to your partnership : 


A choice of a 6 or 12 session package to up-level your personal bedroom artistry together!


We explore your unique sexual blueprints and examine what is working for you and what beliefs, patterns, systems or blocks are not serving you in the bedroom.


I work with you right where you are at. You may be currently intimate with your partner and needing guidance around that, you might seek to take the leap into the unknown with something new and exciting, or perhaps the sexual aspect of your life has taken a back step and you have come to me for help in rekindling that spark together.


In ‘Come Together’ you will learn tools of connection, sacred Tantric and Taoist sexual energy practices, play with new styles of sexual expression and get insight into what makes your partner tick or purr… and much more. This process is tailored towards your unique and specific needs as
a couple.


‘Come Together’ works well as a series of date nights with both playful and practical activities you can try together right after our session.


This package includes at least one 1;1 session with each half of the couple to get clarity about how to reach your goals in intimacy and connecting and how to communicate that with your partner.

Sacred Unity

Sacred Unity is a Coaching Package of Relationship Transformation. This 16 session package takes 3 to 6 months to complete, depending on your time preference.


It is a powerful experience of deep discovery of yourself and your partner to help you thrive inside your relationship .This process has reinforced many couple’s love and commitment to each-other and has enthusiastically revitalised the physical connection.


Together we look at each individual’s Attachment Style and the reasons behind the ways you relate to each other. I will guide you into the concept of the ‘couple bubble’, an agreement that guarantees, with good practice, to up-level any relationship by building a safe container together in which to thrive.


In this package you will become aware of your partner’s sexual response and learn ways to encourage the magic in your love making. I lead you through compelling connection exercises, robust communication tools and potent sexual and sensual practices, including sacred and Tantric sex techniques, energetic breath work, radical consent practices and more.
Can you imagine a connection transformed by honest communication built on a foundation of acceptance, while fulfilling your intimacy goals? Experience deeply satisfying intimacy and rekindle your love while finding new ways to enhance pleasure, together, whatever your age and background.


Each session you will receive ‘homework’ to practice together to establish a new level of relating both in and out of the bedroom.


It's never too late to reconnect with intimacy in your partnership, in fact the longer you've been together the more important it is!

Thrive in your sex & relationships
with Heidi True

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