The Pelvic Floor, The Science & the Shakti

The Pelvic Floor,

the Science & the Shakti

An intimate discussion of the pelvic floor. I show  how to bring balance to this area to enhance your quality of life and heighten intimate connections
Saturday June 18th on ZOOM 10am AEST (Melbourne time)
8pm June 3rd Eastern time USA
5pm June 3 Pacific time USA

1 am UK time (not ideal- if I get enough interest I can schedule a class suitable for Europe)

Class is for 2 hours, investment $88.

This unique workshop looks at the female pelvis & the subtle but powerful energies that lie within. In order to access the life force held in the pelvis, we need to release the tensions we hold internally. Only then can we build strength & find that innate vitality.

Many women hold stress here which limits their enjoyment in intimacy & is often linked to pain during sex. I guide you into pelvic floor release techniques to help you heal.

Did you know there is a connection between the jaw and the pelvis? Tension in the jaw can signal tension in the pelvic floor, and vice versa. We will look at this phenomenon & learn some jaw releasing exercises.

We will also explore diaphragm release and breathing to access more vitality in the pelvis.

Learn exercises and muscular actions to strengthen the muscles that attach to and SUPPORT the muscles of your pelvic floor.

Experience a pelvic floor connection & release meditation.

Be guided on how to release your own pelvic area so that you can then strengthen it- a tense muscle can not be strengthened.

Glass wands and jade eggs will be discussed & when & when not to use them.

This workshop is not just the usual kegel strength practice which can be as damaging as beneficial! It's so much more than that, you will come away with a range of exercises & practices for release, tone & strength of your whole pelvic floor to enhance your quality of life & comfort & ways to enhance internal sensation- plus guidelines to determine what you need to work on first!

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